NUK Disney Minnie Bottle 300ml

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CODE: 4008600143635

Price: 8.39


The First Choice range was developed with Mums and Medical Experts worldwide to find the ideal feeding bottle.

  • Bisphenol A free. Made from polypropylene plastic.

  • First Choice bottles have an extra wide neck to make it even easier to make the feed and clean.

  • The sealing disc and screw ring guarantee leak-proof transport.

  • The First Choice teat has the special orthodontic NUK shape and an extra wide lip support to simulate breast feeding as closely as possible.

  • The NUK Air System within the teat allows air to flow into the bottle though a vent. As the baby sucks, this ensures that no air is swallowed during feeding, thus helping to prevent colic.

  • The NUK orthodontic shape and Air System have both been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

  • The silicone teat on the bottle is size 2 (6-18 months), medium feed hole suitable for breast milk or formula feed.